About Brilho Infinito

Founded in 2009 in the city of Santos (São Paulo), Brilho Infinito integrates the traditional Altstut Group. Through advanced technology, the carbon contained in human hair, animal fur or feathers of birds, is used as raw material for the production of the magnificent and unique Brilho Infinito Diamonds. Diamonds present three traits that make them unique: they are uniquely created by the desire and request of people; they have a unique emotional value for its own origin; and feature colors of great beauty. The colored diamonds are, by their scarcity and rarity in the nature, the most appreciated ones by collectors of diamonds.


Brilho Infinito works a card with defined standards of colors (Champagne, Blue, Yellow and Colorless), sizes (0.10 - 0.20-0.30 - 0.40-0.50 - 0.60 to 0.70 carat) and formats (Brilliant and Princess).

Guarantee of Origin and Certification

The Brilho Inifinito diamonds are certified by the Gemological Laboratory Rui Ribeiro Franco, regarded as a center of excellence in gemology in Brazil, recognized internationally for CIBJO - Confédération Internationale de la Bijouterie, Joaillerie, ORFEVRERIE, des Diamants, Perles et Pierres. The Laboratory is the most modern in Brazil, and only makes use of high-tech equipment. All diamonds are accompanied by a Guarantee of Origin and a DVD containing the recording of the carbonization process of hair, attesting thus the use of material provided by the client in the creation of diamonds.


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